E-Books. A conspiracy theory?

Could electronic books be a way for governments to control what or if we read in the future?
I’ve never been a big conspiracy theorist, but lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading, and this thought has been on my mind: we are a society addicted to electronics and wireless connections. Okay, Deanna, tell me something new, right? But how easy would it be for a government to pull the switch? Remove power. Remove connection. How many would lose access to their news, knowledge resources, and books? Luckily, I’ve always been partial to the touch, smell, and aesthetic of books. Call me a book 'purest’. I like to feel them in my hands as I read, sans screen. When done reading, I love to save them on shelves, share them with friends. Would you have books if you lost power today? Have you ever thought about it? ⠀

It’s difficult for me not to imagine it after reading tweets or broadcasts about some insane, real thing happening in my country.⠀

Okay. Maybe there’s been too much binge watching of #handmaidstale between reading and writing. 🙃⠀

Deanna Ramirez

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