I Am Addicted to You

By Roelien le Roux

I am addicted to you
Yes you
Standing there in the dark
Knowing I should not touch
Knowing I should not taste
Unable to resist
You have taught me
You have touched me
Lured me into your darkness
Knowing I should not stay 
Unable to leave
I find comfort in your darkness
Feeling it consume me
As I consume you
I try to forget
I try to leave
But in the darkness I am lost
I have lost you
I have lost myself
I am addicted to you 
Yes you 
Standing there in my heart

From the Poet:

I am Roelien, a South African currently living in Southeast Asia. I compose poems in both English and Afrikaans, and although my first language is Afrikaans, I actually prefer to write in English, as I find the English language much more romantic and passionate.  I would describe myself as a highly creative person, even though by day I earn my keep as an accountant. A very boring job, but one I enjoy tremendously.  And so, to keep my life in perfect balance between my structured and organised job and my colorful, creative, romantic, rebel heart, I found the perfect outlet in poetry.

I still remember writing my very first poem way back in high school, after a cute young man unknowingly broke my heart. Writing helped me understand and cope with my emotions and has since evolved into also helping me understand the lessons learnt during my life.

For me, my poems are a snapshot of significant events in my life, bringing back memories in greater detail than any photo ever could. And to share my poetry and have others also enjoy it, well that is just a dream come true!

Photo of the Poet Roelien le Roux