Clear Country Constellations

By Corbin Young

“Stars scattered across the sky”
Makes sense inside the city,
But when country clouds are cleared,
“Scattered” is somewhat understating it. 

Stars are spilled across the sky
In abundant celestial purpose. 

Gaze at the galaxy’s edge,
Etched in lights light years away,
A painted picture before our eyes. 

See the space-bears, 
Ursas delighting to sing their star-songs,
Roaring the Righteousness of God and rejoicing. 

Wave at the Warrior in the sky,
Stuck slaying the Serpent
As a sign to mankind. 

The heavens do declare the Glory of God.

About The Poet

Corbin Young

Corbin Young is a poet who has been writing consistently for about a year, since 2018. He attended a rigorous Classical Christian school for all thirteen years of his pre-college education, and is now attending New Saint Andrews College for a four-year Liberal Arts degree. He enjoys writing as a way to marry beauty and truth and believes that dragons do exist. He is looking to continue writing and possibly teach when he finishes his degree.

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