By Natasha Okwuchi

Darkness is not an easy thing to escape
It's an endless abyss
A mysterious, foreboding void of nothingness
A tempting place to hide
The darkness can be a friend
When it wraps you up in its black sheets
And keeps you oblivious
And blocks all the pain
But its comfort is a lie
The darkness will betray you
It will leave you cold and exposed
It will change you
When it's gone, all you have left are threads
Threads from its once comforting sheets
Threads that hold your sanity
But the threads are never that many
All you can do is cling to these threads
And hope to find more
Because these threads will be your only escape
That is, if your lucky

About the Poet

Natasha Okwuchi

Natasha is fourteen years old and a sophomore in high school. Impressive, right?! This talented poet enjoys spending her free time writing, reading and watching anime, with a few things in between. Anyone who knows in her in real life knows her to be a shy, “weird bookworm that alternates between loner and insider, and has constant mood swings”. Online, she likes to think of herself as extremely friendly and weird. Eve Poetry Magazine finds Natasha to be insightful and beyond her years. We hope she continues to hone her craft. Her talent has endless possibilities with a bright future ahead. Thank you for sharing your work, Natasha! Keep at it!

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