The Autopsy of the Scarecrow

By Karissa Seibel

When they autopsy 
the scarecrow,
they spill sunflower seeds and salt,
split apart a cotton heart 
trodden with cobwebs,
steady - handed enough to keep the smile at least halfway in preservation.
When they autopsy 
the scarecrow, 
they aren’t bewildered with the withered pumpkin - rind ribs,
for what good nature survives 
the seasons of isolation?
They do not catch their breaths 
in the autumn winds,
try to ease their minds in the rich scenery. 
They do not grieve the scarecrow,  
nor do they spur a thought for its spirit, 
but it is there at their side,
warding off the crows that wish to rob them of their harvest.
It whispers,
“Heroism is usually a solo dance, not without injury, but never failed to make me smile, for
how would you startle evil with anything less than happiness?
Open your eyes and look. 
See my happiness morph through the changing earth and in your changing heart.”
And when they turn to leave, 
a blur catches their eyes... 

About the Poet

Karissa Seibel

I am 17 and from Ohio, USA. For as long as I can remember, I have loved writing. I started out with short stories and began writing poetry a few years ago, but began focusing heavily on it just this year. As this is my senior year of high school, it is time for me to decide what I wish to purse for a career. I am still a little indecisive, but one of my top choices is to have a career in editing. I just don’t see myself not being involved in the art of writing! Some of my other hobbies include makeup and fashion. While I only practice those hobbies for fun, I take my writing seriously. Although I do not have a job in the field, I do have an Instagram account : @karissa_thinks_in_ink . I’m always looking at ways in which I can improve as a poet and I am looking forward to continuing to pursue this craft in my future, whether it’s part of my day job or on the side. I hope you enjoy my work and am ever grateful for the opportunities! 

(This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure about affiliate links here.)

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