Beloved’s Robe by Christina Dixie

A Love Letter to Self by Christina Dixie

These dreams
in temples-
west and east corners.
So my fingers,
dipped in oils,
woke them
and wrote 
a love letter.
They twisted
gray and black
frizzy feathers
over and under,
over and under
and rattled the roofs
of each temple,
these dreams
no more.
<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Christina Dixie
Christina Dixie

Christina Dixie was born in Killeen, Texas. Currently, she resides in Orlando, Florida. Christina received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English: Creative Writing Track with a Minor in Humanities from University of Central Florida in the year 2007.  

Christina enjoys music, art, nature and reading. However, her first love is writing. She writes poetry, fiction, and non fiction pieces that engage readers with metaphoric imagery that is expressive from an Afro-Southern/African American point of view and life’s experiences. Her childhood and adulthood’s experiences from Americus, Georgia; Orlando, Florida, and other places are often found in her writings. Some of her works are presented on her blog: and on Instagram @tdloveswriting. Recently, her poem, Raven’s Grief was featured on That Girl Can Write blog and website. 

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