Poetry by Magdalena Garcia

Words Hurt

Poetry by Magdalena Garcia

You shattered my world with your words, and continued to live your life with no care in the world.
Mentally you destroyed me, but I'll never give you the satisfaction of knowing.
I shared my pain with people that actually care.
People that I know love me, and would be there.
People that would help me with my healing process.
I will heal from this like I healed from the rest of the things you did.
Know this...
I'll forgive you in due time, but I'll never forget.

I Gave You

Poetry by Magdalena Garcia

I gave you my shoulders to cry on
My arms to hold, and comfort you 
My lips to kiss
My ears to listen

My hands to wipe your tears 
My body heat to keep you warm
If I could have given you my heart as to replace   
yours I would have given it to you.
Seeing you in that much pain made me go insane.
I knew I couldn't take it away,
but knew I was going to be 
with you every step of the way.
Magdalena Garcia
Magdalena Garcia

Magdalena is an Author. She has written a poetry book: The Madness Inside My Head that’s available on Amazon. She loves to write, and does it every day. 

Magdalena is a domestic violence survivor that suffers from mental illness due to her past trauma. Despite her diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder, major depressive disorder, anxiety that often comes with panic attacks Magdalena graduated from Empire State College, and obtained a Bachelor’s degree.  She’s also a mom of three courageous children, and calls East Harlem, Manhattan home. Magdalena writes from her heart, and based on her life experiences. Writing is therapy, for her! 

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9 thoughts on “Poetry by Magdalena Garcia

  1. Magdalena writes with such passion and conviction. She pours out and expresses herself in her poetry touching the very core of our souls; every emotion conveying her heart. The sincerity of her writing is not only pleasurable, but also a relief. She relays what women feel unapologetically. Well done my sister!


  2. I haven’t read everything that Magdalena has written YET!!! But what I have read is amazing. Natural flow of words that would catch your attention every time. Way to go girl. Keep shining.


  3. Magdalena poetry is relatable and spoke through me. Her poetry is Theripy and gives me hope and strength can’t wait to read more. Definitely following the artists she speaks to my soul and a great read.


  4. Magdalena’s poetry speaks to me in such a true matter. It is so relatable and therapeutic – especially for other survivors to read. Her words give me conviction and strength. I appreciate how raw and real she is. This is not and easy topic to share and she is vulnerable and let’s the reader in. I love it.


  5. Magdalena is an amazing poet, she expressed herself from the depths of her soul and put all of it into her book for the world the to hear, and indeed she was heard! for someone to go that deep shows how much shes willing to give herself to you as a reader. Shes Amazing!!


  6. Magdalena Garcia’s, “I gave you made me cry.”
    I was hesitant to read the poem because I knew it would spark some suppressed emotion. Honestly, being a survivor myself, reading these poems, are therapy to me too. Magdalena’s writing is beautiful, honest & heartfelt.


  7. The words in Magdalena’s poetry speak of the pain she’s gone through and the pain others have experienced. Her writing is relatable and full of raw emotion. I can’t wait to read more.


  8. Extremely deep!!! Everything Magdalena writes is touching to your soul and I think understandable no matter where you are in your life. Waiting on the next book 😇😇


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