Motivation by Toni Snideman

My body lies broken on the road
A path stretches before me
The unyielding sun permeates my skin
I feel my blood boil
My limbs swell
I want to move
But my body won’t let me
In my mind’s eye
I see the finish line
Growing farther away every day
The only time my muscles move
Is to spasm
And I feel hopeless
I close my eyes and hear your voice:

Dear discouraged, take a breath
Remember this is not a race
Your only competition is yourself
This is not the end of you
Start small
Even a fragment is progress
Don’t give up
Time is not the grim reaper
Time is opportunity

I open my eyes
I steel my shaking nerves
I inhale all of your hope in me
And exhale all of my self doubt

It’s time to get moving
<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Toni Snideman
Toni Snideman

My name is Toni Marie Snideman. I am 31 years old from Anderson, Indiana. Some of My hobbies include writing, watching tv/movies, and going to concerts. I am a huge Harry Potter fan (shoutout to my fellow Gryffindors!). I used to write short stories. Lately, I’ve been focused on poetry, but my dream is to write and publish a novel.

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