Rush of Memories

By Dua Khan

I feel the bright sunlight wash over me at night
I feel the light of the memories push me through the day
The tingling in my chest beats into a full blown ache,
As looming over my thoughts a shadow encompasses my soul.
Each day is faded into a color;
An aroma, a scent
A movement.
A picture frozen into a favorite moment.
A touch that sent warmth deep through me,
A light angled in such a way that
It haloed my hands as my fingertips feathered it.
Each moment fades onto my soul,
Engraving it.
Each line speaks of different endings.
Each dent screaming pain
Each scrape tells a different story
Of how we had all forsaken some at times
When we walked and laughed and lain.
Life's delight is to live it all
Yet in many a moment we lived our past
Clutching at the threads long undone
And yearning for a touch gone cold
We can say in the end as we die
That we lived life as it is
In the moment without completion
Frozen midway in laughter, tears, or a conversation
Or in deep contemplation,
In the struggle to discern life.
When all this while
We were unraveling our insides
Trying to make sense of who we are.
<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Dua Khan
Dua Khan

I am Dua Khan, a college student, and I am from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Writing was just a hobby until my first novel, The Deific Heart, got published. Now, I try to write as often as I can because writing has been my companion for a long time. My poetry and pieces are also published on my blog:
When I’m not writing, I am reading, Netflixing, or procrastinating!

Follow me for my writings on my Instagram account: @thedeificheart

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