Magical and Majestic: Niagara Falls

A poem by Veena Ramaswamy

Awe struck by the breathtaking magical scenery that lay before me,
Boarded the double decker ferry that floated along the shiny clear waves of the blue sea.
Clothed myself with a red rain poncho as I scurried through the queue,
To experience the beauty of the natural wonder that painted an iconic view.
My body rocked as the boat swayed to the crashing waves of the river,
The freezing water trickled on my face, sending me a little shiver.
The foggy mist clouded the entire vast area and suddenly wrapped around my eyes,
Became frightened of the loud thundering sound, which actually unraveled an astonishing surprise.
The incredible divine beauty of the Niagara Falls ascended while the sparkling mist faded away,
My eyes beamed with joy at the sight of the historic amazement which lay at the heart of Canada and USA.
The ferry smoothly slithered through the rapid current of the aquarium-blue whitewater, beneath the rainbow bridge.
As the raging torrent of 80,000 gallons of water forcefully tumbled down the basalt mountain ridge.
The two deafening waterfalls plummeted downward, pounding the edge of the metamorphic rock formation,
Sprays of liquid silver water splashed into the depths of the paradisiacal pool, transforming into a foam of lather with shiny crystallization.
It was a moment of bliss and serenity as the ferry cruised along the varnish clear pool,
Which looked like a curtain draped with distinct threads of silky blue satin and shined brightly like an expensive glass jewel.
As the excursion came to an end and the steamboat docked along the shore,
Stood there, speechless at the sight of the mystical beauty which I’ve never seen in my life before.
Infatuated by the mesmerizing God given wonder, my eyes suddenly dazzled red, orange, green, and blue.
The vivid colors of the translucent rainbow arched gracefully through the dreary sky,
bleeding a palette of prismatic shades which saturated the horizon with a crimson hue.
The humming of the ferry’s horn gradually subsided, realizing that I just couldn’t take my eyes off of the heavenly falls that was sparkling at a distance.
As I took my last step to board off the ferry, I leaned over my shoulder one last time to witness the eternal existence.
The beauty of the Niagara Falls etched into my soul as the magic followed me all the way home. As months passed by, the phenomenal journey was just unforgettable, leaving traces of memories which looked exquisite even in shades of monochrome.
<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Veena Ramaswamy
Veena Ramaswamy

Veena is a simple, fun loving, & ambitious person, raised in the nation’s capital of Washington DC. She graduated from Boston University, with a Masters in CIS and Data Analytics.

Her main principle in life is to work hard, be humble, be yourself, and follow your dreams! She is also an avid learner and a creative thinker.  She has a passion for exploring new things and leveraging her talents and skills.

She has loved writing since childhood and is one of her fave hobbies apart from drawing, nature photography, dancing, blogging, etc. She is also a lifestyle blogger and has her own blog called Beyoutiful. She has also published other poems in Brown Girl Magazine and Nature Writing Magazine. 

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