Love in 5D

Love in 5D by Ariana Iverson

My problem with love is 
I’ve been looking for the visual package.

Someone who looks like this long list of standards
That I made up in my head.

Physical attributes that don’t even matter.

I’ve been searching for love in all the wrong places
Hoping that when I see him 
I would know he was the one

But now I’m understanding 
it’s not what I see
But what I feel

Someone who makes me feel
like he understands me
We fit together like puzzle pieces 

We create a picture that shows what love is supposed to be
A connection with someone who holds my mind, 
protects my heart,
and wants to create with me

Mind Body and Spirit

We allow ourselves to get lost in the oneness of each other
We accept discovering love beyond the physical

We create a love that is 5th dimensional

Meet Ariana

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Ariana Iverson
Ariana Iverson

My name is Ariana Iverson and I am from Los Angeles, CA.  I’m a counselor and therapeutic art life coach turned entertainment business manager focusing on working with various artists, musicians and other creatives.  I help them find a balance in their personal and professional careers through creative entrepreneurship. 

Creative writing is my personal safe-haven where I write scripts, novels and poetry. I self-published my first poetry book “Poems to a King: Can I get you High” and released it June 17, 2019 on Amazon. Currently, I’m working on my 2nd book, “Poems for Freedom and The Pursuit of Happiness”, coming in 2020.  My other interests include yoga, magic and self-care. 

Instagram @hiighoffarii

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