Love Conspiracy by Sharon Dunn

Love Conspiracy by Sharon Dunn

My feelings for you have made me an anomaly to this programming. A fact that has tested my sanity and grace. Months without you feels like decades without years. At times, I have to remember that it is okay to miss you, that I do deserve the memory of your voice repeating in my head. So I lay here, follow the stretch marks you left behind and Whisper your name. Hoping that one day, you will be silenced enough to listen. Decipher the constant humming between your ears and reveal the aberrations in your dreams. If not, your freedom will be granted through my peculiar qualities. Eventually, you will understand the mystery of my choices. Until then,  I will hold myself the way I first cradled you. Except this time, I’ll make sure it is much harder for you to let you go.

Meet Sharon Dunn

Sharon Dunn
Sharon Dunn

My name is Sharon Dunn I am a 32-year-old mother. Writing and meditation saved my life. It’s allowed me to live the best version of myself and that’s really what I write about.  

Awakening and the spiritual aspects to life that we are programmed to ignore. The freedom in feeling our feelings and the revelation of our godlike nature. I love reading, dancing, cooking and running.
My daughter, family and twin are my greatest inspirations. I look forward to sharing and learning from my experiences with all of you.

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