The Girl of the Past

The Girl of the Past by Victoria Borges

 She is pinned to the bed by the 
strength of your body.
No means no. You chose it means yes.
You grumble she had this coming.
She holds her breath and believes if
maybe I just listen and do as he says I
will be able to endure.
This moment is the moment you take
something she will never get back.
This is the instant she vanishes.
She is reborn and she is scarred.
Never smiling again that smile has
been forever tattooed to the
girl of the past.

Meet Victoria

Victoria Borges
Victoria Borges

Hi, literary world! 
My name is Victoria, a Torontonian millennial looking to put a smile back into society one word at a time.
I started writing to put my feelings down on paper –  almost looking for a way to release or understand what I might be feeling.  Started to think of all the times I read something that got me to move, feel or laugh and how those words just made everything a little better. 

I love photography and often like to match my writing with a piece of art that really impacts the words on the page. Writing is a passion and very important to me. Though I have nothing in the works, I hope to soon; I manage a business that can take up a lot of my time. 

I’m also the mother of a rambunctious Jack Russell Terrier named Chewbacca. He is my heart and a big part of my life. 
I hope my words have made a difference. 

Follow her work on Instagram:  t.solivagant 

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