Sweet November by Micheline Mourad

Sweet November by Micheline Mourad

Love as sweet
As I can remember
A new beginning
New chance or maybe
A reminder
To all broken hearts
And tired souls
Not to surrender
To the bitter taste
Left by October
Nor to be afraid
For it’s not meant
To last forever
So hold your Hopes high
Dare to dream
Fall in love
And reach the sky
For as long as I can remember
This is the true taste
Of a sweet November

Meet Micheline

Micheline Mourad
Micheline Mourad

 Hello, I’m Micheline Mourad, from Lebanon.  I’m a 25-year-old graduate with a degree in teaching English as a second language.  My career life never affects my dream of becoming a writer/poet.  

My hobbies are for sure writing and reading for other poets. My passion for poetry has become a rising dream for me till I came up with Poetic Dream.

Below you’ll find my IG link where you’ll read romance, real life relatable poems and quotes that I hope you enjoy reading.

I have a collection of poems (not published yet) and now working on Poetic Dreams short stories you’ll find on IG too.
Hope you fall in love of my poetry!  

This post contains affiliate links. An affiliate link means I may earn advertising/referral fees if you make a purchase through my link, with no extra cost to you. It helps to keep this little magazine afloat. Thanks for your support. Read full disclosure here. 

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