Augustine Oak Bound by Palm

Augustine Oak Bound by Palm by Alicia Thompson

Solid oak, rooted deep,
like the tree in Augustine,
twisted branches reaching high,
verdant abundance towards the sky.

The palm grows gently 'round the oak,
symbiotic progress preserves her yolk,
leans in to his trunk so stout,
with support, fans fly free about.

The pair dance spirals towards the rays,
each perfect alone, a match to praise,
like the singular gator tone alabaster,
the palm and oak together uniquely master.

Sun’s Study of the One #1,657,000,000,000

By Alicia Thompson

Sun, she is the artist extraordinaire,
each day, painting the sky with flare,
studies of me, you, us, the one,
1,657,000,000 renditions of God.

Before the orb rises above the plain,
she sends light dancing in pink and grey,
crescent king hangs low to greet her,
their daily kiss, a Picasso piece without the painter.

Salute rises high in the midday stretch,
blinded by her brilliance, we almost wept,
another gallery, another showing,
the portrait she paints, the one, all knowing.

Prism in the cloud,
rainbow foamy waves on sky blue canvas,
colored icing, in a sea of white,
portal drawn to another world or love or life.

Our star, sustenance, survival,
brushes red, pink, blue, and yellow,
mirror image in the stream down below,
masterpiece moves, weeping eye and open channel.
Alicia E. Thompson
Alicia E. Thompson

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, I spent most of my childhood playing in the woods and the fields surrounding my home with family and neighbors.  When I was a sophomore in high school, I moved to Columbia, South Carolina and was introduced to a new life in the South.

Although I traveled back to my home state of Pennsylvania to pursue a degree in History at Penn State University and later to New Orleans, Louisiana to attend Tulane University Law School, I landed in the low country of South Carolina to be closer to my extended family. 

Myrtle Beach is now home. I am a partner at a southeastern based law firm where I focus on real estate matters. I am married to my husband Greg, and we have 3 children.

Poetry is a new outlet.  Struggling with the daily grind and trying to find quiet time, writing poems helps me tune into the world around me and to be present and grateful for everyday life. 

My poems focus on my family, nature, and my travels. In my spare time, I enjoy the beautiful South Carolina coast, yoga and meditation, organizing a book club with other professional women, and spending time with my family.

 You can follow me on @EleanorT.

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