We Are Blessed by Hamza Waleed

We Are Blessed by Hamza Waleed

 Looking at the silver lining in the sky,
My heart whispered to gear up, and fly.
Of all the morning's bliss, on us, it showers,
That gentle breeze of air, embellished with flowers....
Seeing those marvelous clouds, fascinates from within,
And heavenward mountains drove the heart towards them....
See!there's a bunch of birds flying in joy,
And singing in a charming, melodious way.....
Those soft rain drops, falling on the ground,
Enrapturing the beauty of everything, all around...
The glorious sun, slowly, in gorgeous majesty retires,
Flooding the fields with the reflection of his golden fires..
Those twinkling stars, in the sky, so gleam,
Guarding the portal of mind to the world of dreams....
Looking at these pearls and when they wink,
The eye become their slave, and never even blink...
After the unruffled night, the dawn breaks n brightens the day,
Bewitched heart yearns to seize the beauty without any delay......
All these wonders seems to be far away,
But, No! they're right here, where our heart stay.....
Of all the beauty and loveliness, the earth bears,
Is like a symphony, by the Marvel, to his dears.....
Witnessing all these splendid beauties,
The heart, ultimately confessed,
Be thankful to the Almighty,
For We are blessed.

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers by Hamza Waleed

 These are the soldiers of our glorious motherland,
Who faced all the hardships and still withstand.
Leaving behind the beloved, back at home,
They walk through deserts and barren comb.
Calling up those good times, they possess,
They miss those afar, but never express.
Living in the battlefield,
They cope with those awful sights,
But their courage never shatters,
And they stand together to fight.
They never shed a tear,
And put their wounds behind,
They forget the pain,
And put their memories to blind.
Surviving the field of honour,
Holding hands in hands,
Just like a thread,
Woven into a strand.
A brother shedding his blood,
Falls beside them,
But they shouldn't worry,
For in heaven, he'll gleam like a Gem.
They embrace the death,
With a grin on their face,
For in it lies,
Their soul's grace.
Those fearless defenders,
May have different mothers,
But they always stand together,
Like a "band of brothers".
They served with dignity,
And they served well,
For the pride of their land,
They chose to go through hell.
We are proud to have these lion hearts,
And shall remember those we lost,
For the freedom we have today,
They paid the awful cost.
Hamza Waleed
Hamza Waleed

My full name is Hamza Waleed. I am from Pakistan. I live here with my family, and I am a student of BS Physics. 

I’m an entrepreneur and just started writing poems. I write to manifest the feelings of my heart and soul. It’s so soothing to put your feelings in words. No books written yet.  My hobbies are book reading, travelling, and writing. 

Instagram: hamzakhattak567

This post contains affiliate links. An affiliate link means I may earn advertising/referral fees if you make a purchase through my link, with no extra cost to you. It helps to keep this little magazine afloat. Thanks for your support. Read full disclosure here.

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