Void by Jaserah Syed

Void, Painful Lines of my Face Tell a Story by Jaserah Syed

My exoskeleton today,
Is like a paper, where a
two year old has
written his story of pain
in straight lines.


My kitchen sleek
And clean, like my face.
The shelves hide, my fate
for the day.

Void of emotions

The stranger in me,
A frustrated lethargy.

Whilst the real skin,
Hanging out on the
Cliff. Sipping coffee.

Jaserah Syed

Jaserah Syed is a 22 year old student living in India. She is highly mesmerised by science and studies the same. She believes her love for writing poetry and reading comes from her mum. She lives during and loves the night; it is when she does most of her writing.

Jaserah wishes to have at least one famous published book (whispers also have a few patent research papers) before life’s end.
You can read her work at @jaz__writes on Instagram).

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