Temptation by Madalina Schiopu

Temptation by Madalina Schiopu


The bite you left on my neck is healing.
Right about now, it feels so appealing
To turn the other cheek, let you back in.
Drop inhibition, commit the deadly sin.

Lose myself with you, enjoy this dream.
Touch too much, your name to scream.
But I remember, in the mornings you go.
Passion dies left alone in the afterglow.

I cannot give only half, or just a quarter.
There is only chaos now, soul in disorder.
Pain of this bruise was only temporary.
Worst is unrequited love, heavy to carry.

Madalina Schiopu

Madalina Schiopu is a Romanian poet and prose writer based in London, UK. She is a member of The Poetry Society UK. She started writing as a hobby at 14, since 2015 she has been writing professionally. Madalina came to London in 2010 to study and decided to stay when she fell in love with the city.

She graduated with a BA in Public Relations and has worked in several fields throughout her career. She now works as a Bookkeeper, and while she enjoys her work, the day jobs have always been a means to an end. Madalina loves the nights as they allow her to focus on her passions: music, reading and writing. The Muse is always invited for midnight coffee. 

Madalina takes inspiration from the brutality and gentleness of life. Her writing delves into the war between lust and love, life and death, hope and bleakness, and compels the reader to not shy away from the rawness of life but to just live. 

Her writing has the right balance between heart-wrenching pessimism to soaring and contagious optimism, this duality, she says, representing an accurate description of her old soul. While she is still in her late twenties, she matured early as her life was jolted by the loss of her parents, her Father when she was only 14 and her Mother when she was 26. Their loss almost destroyed her, but in the end, she honoured her parents by making their legacy one of beauty, survival, hope and all- consuming love. She has a sister and brother and dog, Dexter, a Jack Russell Terrier, whom she loves with all her heart, and in this little family she finds her comfort and joy. 

Poetry runs in her blood, as her father was also a poet. Since his passing, Madalina wanted to get published as a tribute to her dad, and in 2019 she achieved this by having her poetry published in ‘Misplaced Devotion’ by Ambient House Publishing. She is now working to transition to make writing into a career to realise her life-long dream. 

You can find Madalina’s work on Instagram with the handle @quintessence02 or follow the link to All Poetry, the web’s largest poetry writing group: https://allpoetry.com/Madalynne

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