She’s a Bougainvillea

She’s a Bougainvillea by Sonali Gupta

She’s a bougainvillea.
Like the lush green valleys
Like a rainbow of colours.
Full of maroons and pinks.
Of oranges, magenta and reds
And of the opaque whites.
She’s a bougainvillea.
So aware of its roots.
Yet flowing all so tall.
Around the roof and wall.
Peeping through the gates
Of the cottage and houses.

She’s a bougainvillea.
That’s lingering so many.
From the caged balcony
where you set her safe lines.
But doesn’t belong to anywhere
that doesn’t let her be free.

She’s a bougainvillea.
Like it doesn’t stop growing.
Everywhere, wild in serenity
Ever so travelling in the vicinity
From nowhere to everywhere,
a bunch of vibes irresistible.

She’s a bougainvillea.
She stares at you uphills.
From the open window sills.
She hangs around you from
the shy, lonely vintage corridors.
and makes you home all the time.

She’s a bougainvillea.
She belongs to the infinite sky.
She belongs to the earth shy.
She’s wildly growing every time.
She’s calmly kept in surreal hues.
She lights up faces of all around.

She’s a bougainvillea.
She’s an angel of hope.
She’s a soul lit on cope.
She knows no destination.
She believes in journeys.
that knows no boundaries.

She’s a bougainvillea.
She belongs not to a person.
She belongs not to a place.
She belongs to everyone,
and to everything. And she’s
a bougainvillea everywhere.

To My Green Teas and Your Black Coffees by Sonali Gupta

Every time you pick up
a cup of black coffee
and I pick up a cup
of green tea,
they somehow miss
being like each other,
and they somewhere
want to be like
each other.
Being kept together
on the same table yet
not wanting to be
together on the same table,
They’ve somehow started
looking forward
to each other’s presence.
It’s been few weeks since
we’ve been talking so much
We’ve been looking around
and settling at each other.
It’s been weeks, I’ve been
staring at you. You’ve been
staring at the staring me.
I see my eyes looking
into your eyes. And your
eyes are already looking
into mine with a mystery.

You often say there’s so
much magic to my eyes
and there’s everything
just so blank in yours.
But it’s now that I can
tell you; the fire in my eyes
fall for the cold in your eyes.
Every day. Every time.
At each glance. Even now.
When you aren’t around
looking at me. I try to
ignore the glimpse of
my eyes meeting your
eyes every now and then.
It’s been weeks and
a few hours more that
we’ve been talking
and knowing and wanting
us not to be alone
still not be together.

I ask you often if you
are done with your lunch
so that we can meet
sometime later and
whenever you say that
you’re done, I like to
pick up those toffees
for you, which you
happen to gulp in right
in front of me, trying
to be an inch sweeter
and sweetest with every
candy you take inside.

I know you’re a little more
happy these days. I want
you to be so much more.
Not for you, but for me.
Haven’t I told you, that
each time your lips hesitate
to smile looking at my
already appearing smile,
you look just so lovely.
And each time those dimples
try to peep out from your
subtle deep cheeks, the
blushy chaos from my
cheeks force my dimples to
sync in with you and they twin
together with the twinkle
in our eyes.

A few more days and
I see you trying those
tea bags in the cafeteria.
And I feel my green tea
turning a little more
not-so-bitter nowadays.
I never said this to you,
but my green teas and
your black coffee are
happy together. These days.
On the same table!

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Sonali Gupta

Sonali is a technical content writer from India, who writes expert resource materials related to the Marketing and Technology. Previously worked as a banker and a freelance blogger, she has been a student of Economics and Human Resources.

An ardent believer of Universe and optimism, she writes poetry and quotes to satiate her soul and souls around. Always keen about nature, travelling, music and photography. She’s often found talking about self love, love, life, motivation and philosophy.

She likes to say it all in hashtags and loves to be read between the lines. She’s one passionate being who lives to keep her vibe alive and stay in love with life.

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