Liberty by Robert Pillow IV

Liberty by Robert Pillow IV

Oh Liberty, where have you been?
For when I hear your voice, my freedom rings.
Your all I ever dreamed, Bells and whistles you just might be my everything.
Liberty, the value you obtain in such a name that carries a flame so bright.
You shine amongst those that have never seen the light.
A light so fluorescent that it glows more luminously than the moon at night.
Picture perfect painted so vividly,
one’s soul cannot be as pure as yours you see.
Your joyful spirit and elegant class brings the best out of me that makes me want to last.
Constantly reminding me you are not your past, your so much more than that. Speaking greatness into my existence, oh Liberty you’ve cured the soul, with you is whom I want to grow old.

To be myself, to be free no restrictions just live happily.
When the skies clear and your voice speaks, my heart warms and my smile stretches from cheek to cheek.
Climbing.. wondering if you’re the one at the top of my peak.
Making sure there is nothing fishy about this situation a predicament that flew by over time… airborne once I spoke it, had us both wondering why?
Oh liberty, you’re so special that I speak the truth from depths of my heart. God took his time to mold you… you’re a work of art.
This feeling is more than emotion, it’s a desire. A desire that I refuse to expire… imperishable. Driven to build… stay on track whether our purpose is thrown some distance or sprinting in the moment.
Liberty let God guide our life, and life direct its course, so we won’t feel no remorse.
I have prayed and visioned that one day my heart will be set free, from the chains that kept it confined that this pain and strife all had in purpose in me.
But Once I found my liberty, she kept the key.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Robert Pillow IV
Robert Pillow IV

25 years old 
Writing poetry since 14 years old
Born in Anchorage, Alaska 

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