Lyra by Becca Faulkner


I believe in love at first light
She broke the very dawn with her smile
A million constellations could be
Mapped within her freckles
I promise there were gold flecks buried
Underneath her skin
Causing her illumination
The second she met my gaze
I shed my shadows like a second skin
And fell into her translucent mouth

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Becca Faulkner
Becca Faulkner

Becca Faulkner is a small-town girl at heart, born in Fisher, Illinois (go bunnies!) She then relocated to Grove, Oklahoma when she was six, which is where she treasures all of her fondest memories, and looks forward to returning to the south one day to stay. Her family moved to Bloomington, Illinois when she was fifteen, where she has remained since.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in Theatre Studies at Illinois State University, where she was hugely impacted by the professors of her creative writing courses and whom she would like to offer thanks.

She now works as a Caseworker for the Department of Human Services, which has absolutely nothing to do with theatre or creative writing. However, she is deeply moved by many of the individuals she encounters daily and truly believes that empathy is the most overlooked attribute that can heavily impact society. Becca’s hobbies run the gamut from reading to weight-lifting, to anything tattoo-related, to designing her dream home off of Pinterest.

Most of all, she enjoys spending time with her three daughters, who continue to inspire her creativity and deepen her capacity for love and compassion and whose needs are the primary importance in Becca’s life.

She just started pursuing writing seriously this year and has promised herself to continue to practice her craft. It has always been high on her bucket list to get a book published, and she does not take her bucket list lightly. You can follow the progress of her writing on the Instagram account dedicated to her poetry submerging_violets.

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