Little of Me

Little of Me by Reshmi Sadhana

So little of me
Is what I leave
Everywhere I go
Like breadcrumbs
I leave
So little of me.

Everyone who knows
Everyone, of me
Like the grains of sand
Know, so little of me.

Like the stars above
They get to see
The brighter side
While I’m the whole
Night sky.

Or like the dirt
On their specs
They get to see
The darker side
While I’m the whole
Landscape in front.

So little they see
Or sometimes
For I turn myself
Like sugar in
A glass of water.

They either see nothing
Or see something
Which I choose
For them to see
And to know.

So little of me…
Little, little specks
Of the star dust
Of my being
While I embody
The universe inside
Of me.

They see the girl
Walking, talking laughing
Crying, shouting trying
They see the skin
They see the cover
That is something
They judge me with.

Or with my gestures
Or with my behavior
Or with my attitude
Or with my likes
And dislikes
They judge me
With the
So little they know.
The so little I show.

I am
How foolish of them all
To judge me
With the so little they know.

While I’m the wide spread
and much more
Crashing waves
And sending storms
Which they would
Never have imagined
They judge me
With the water that crashes
Their shores
Or with the breeze
That fades away

So little they know.
So little I chose to show.

I made my decision so
For they all mean
So little, so little.
To know,
This so little of me.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Reshmi Sadhana
Reshmi Sadhana

I am Reshmi Sadhana. I am from Salem, India and a student currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Education. My hobbies include Reading, Singing, Gardening and Crafts work. 

I have been writing since the age of 8. I’ve taken part in various Poetry Writing competitions at various levels and won prizes. I have written and published an ebook in Amazon that is available on Kindle. The title of my collection of poems is “Silhouette of her thoughts.” 

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