Cold Love

Cold Love by Emalee Goode

Cold Love

She traced a heart
on the fogged glass
in the city
that never sleeps
for the person
across her window,
who needed to know
they were loved
in the coldest times.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Emalee Goode
Emalee Goode

Emalee is a high school junior from South Carolina who has always had a passion for writing. She is involved in her school’s yearbook program as well as her school’s marching band color guard program. 

Writing has always been a love for her, and poetry has recently become another outlet. She’s drafted three novels as of November 2019 after competing and winning NaNoWrimo, and also runs a blog about her life, fashion, music, and everything else under the sun. 

She hopes one day to put her love for writing to good use and publish a book or two.

You can follow her on Instagram: @neverthelessgreatness

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