Outshine the Night

Outshine the Night by Deevesh Ramphul

Outshine the Night

Street light, warring against the darkness of the night, don’t you get tired watching it all get left behind? You watch the cars pass by, though some might stop by temporarily, you’ve witnessed them all leaving.

How can you stand tall after all that you’ve been bearing? The downpours and the storms might have dimmed your light, then how did you not forget your purpose in life?

Fighting against the coldness of starless nights, you have grown dark too, why are you no longer true? Street light, now gone berserk, switching off from time to time, letting the bad overshadow the good, letting what you were fighting against get over you.

It all started making sense again, you turn into your nightmares when you have lived them, and just as such the petals mourn into the soil, and the heart into a rusted coil, swinging between taking the jump or letting go. Is it worth it all, the risks of being caged or a follower of a ruthless leader?

Sights of how deceiving the landscape can steal the traveler’s passion of seeking more, taking the faith away from the one she inspired. Roaming around, the crashing of the spheres surfaced a looming feeling, sat by the edge I watched my world crumbling, down went my castle floating in that azure sky, and so my loyalty to a double-edged lover.

The love water was falling changed to a dagger and here it splattered into bits which could never be mended back again, some lost within the eyes of the tormentor.

Seeker of feelings soon sought vague highs, the masterpieces carved within himself being a dreary reminder, gone they were, turned to nostalgia of a time where truth reigned and rainbows shone.

Love, like art, must be free, but here I am paying the debts of the ones who couldn’t keep it real.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="https://evepoetry.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/bfe81-15304639530004532e74f26d929ac8876620c6525ad7fe321f08068b9d4dd82284465699578e12a168b6bf74f010f26e695af8449a77c9348faf763caf67cf7706a549f010297.jpg&quot; alt="<strong>Deevesh Ramphul
Deevesh Ramphul

I am Deevesh Ramphul from Mauritius. I am currently a student and aspire to be a writer.

I already have started working on my first book. My story is hidden within the layers of the simplicity of entangled meanings. Read through the lines and unravel the mysteries of my cataclysmic heart. I also have a blog online: http://deeveshramphul.blogspot.com/

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