Fire and Light

Fire and Light, poems by Christina Adepoju


Fire By Christina Adepoju

You’ve been burning fire for far too long, my dear
Aren’t you afraid of what this will do?
What you thought would keep the hurt out
Is growing inside while slowly killing you

Is your heart not scorched by those raging flames
You feel compelled to emit lately?
Does your skin not recoil in disgust and fear
When being kissed by a thousand suns daily?

Has the smoke clouded your wild eyes
To create the appearance of illusions?
Or did you truly destroy every good thing
As your final act of retribution?

Your birthright is not this agony you bear
But you feel like that’s all you’ll ever know
You’ll find the strength to quench your flames
And plant new seeds to help you grow

Remove those ashes that colored your starry eyes
So you can walk to your rightful place
Because when a true queen has fallen down
She rises again with dignity and grace


Light By Christina Adepoju

I hope I’ll be bold enough one day
To share my secrets and share my pain
So that I will no longer feel heavy
Maybe the day I share my pain
Is the day the sea will hold my hand
Not to punish me but to drown my sorrows
And wash the old away
One day, I’ll arise anew and let go of the sea’s hand
So that I can walk with Happiness instead
Make this heart of stone soft-river its way to freedom
Because all I dream to be is light

Meet the Fire and Light poet:

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Christina Adepoju
Christina Adepoju

My name is Christina and I’m a native of Florida. When I’m not writing, you can catch me reading some of my favorite books, binge-watching Netflix or practicing my calligraphy.

I’ve been writing since I was 11 years old and my love for it has only expanded as I’ve grown over the years. Right now, writing is just a fun hobby for me, but I would love to publish my own poetry book one day. You can follow me @wordsofawhisperer.

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