Reflections by Saira Anwar


She’s the rose; that grew from seeds. Lying beneath the soil under the earth. Not the one deprived of beauty and light by the rain from above. Strengthened by His divine light. She’s the rose that sprung from the twists and turns of life. What you thought would destroy her. Only made her stronger; facing the storm with ease. Swinging back with powerful words across the globe.

She’s the rose. Her thorns are fortified with a new light. Her wounds healed from the pain. All the scars on an exterior once without imperfection. Formed from the travesty of her existence; now a beautiful emblem adorning her soul. She’s the rose. The aching past was never her turf. Treasured wisdom, it only brought to her present. One that will never be found wanting in her new skin.

The alluring elegance of her replenished soul now emerges from His heartfelt presence. She’s the rose. From blizzard’s never to come again. She built up momentum to rise up again. To bounce into a gem so rare. No more jackboots to bound upon her. After the sunlight has shone on her fragments. She’s the rose. Now her obscurity is spent in reflection, in awe of the One whose light shines on her.

Her days are spent in gratitude. For the miracles of her graceful rebirth. And for the bloom of a beautiful season. The essence of her new journey has its root in a reflection so deep. Rising from the strength gathered in prostration. Fortified with the hope that comes along with it, knowing that illumination lies in the destination ahead.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Saira Anwar
Saira Anwar

My name is Saira Anwar. I live in Manchester, UK.

I write and speak from the heart sharing my life lessons and experiences with creativity. To heal broken hearts with peace, love and light. As a profession I work with children.

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