Undress by Richard Parrett

When I think of you
I think of my best self,
the one who told me to do better, to
be better, and wear it proudly,
even if no one knows.
That way they can’t take it from
you, she’d say.

And when life tests your resolve,
paint it black and white,
let your tongue taste intricacy,
and whisper kind words through
mirrored glass. And,
if you remain a wilted flower
take yourself home, no matter
where that may be.

Go to that place you trust
and undress. Pour
yourself into it, clean every
fold of your dilemma
with a welcoming ear, then
tie yourself to acceptance
until you dream, again.
Richard Parrett

Richard is a British Poet living on the south coast of England, by the sea. He says, ‘I like to frame poetry as the start of a conversation’, and more often his work brings that conversation directly into his words through dialogue and the frequent use of questions.

Richard continues to develop his style, having began to share his work on Instagram (@PoetCalledR) in early 2019.
He is now working on his first anthology, which he hopes will be ready for the Autumn, 2020.

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