Guard Her Heart

Guard Her Heart, by Jeremy Merrin

Guard Her Heart

A beautiful sight indeed
Never seen such a thing
This tender heart in my hand
Has immeasurable compassion
Loves everything and everyone
It sees no wrong only right
From it comes all kinds of light
It’s a rare gem in this world

The scars I feel are many
Scars on scars that won’t fade
Each ripple brings a tear to my eye
Who would do this to this heart
Who should try to put out its light
If only I stole it sooner
Maybe I could have stopped it

I find a scar with my name on it
How could I add to this hurt
I want to take it away
Maybe my love can fill it
Make it fade away
It’ll always be there with all the others
I wish I could take all the hurt away

This heart still loves despite all the damage
Making it shine that much brighter
Maybe I can protect it
Keep the scars from adding
Keep the hurt away
So that’s what I’ll do
I’ll protect this heart and guard it
Love it like it deserves
Blanketing it every day
No one dares hurt this heart I hold.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Jeremy Merrin
Jeremy Merrin

Jeremy is from Plant City,  a small town in Florida outside Tampa where he works in contracting work, remodeling houses and custom interior work.

His faith plays a big part in his life. He’s on staff at a small local church.

His hobbies are things that include his kids, like sports. They like vintage and retro items, so they like to go to estate sales to hunt for treasures.

Jeremy started writing at 43 (so, for about a year and a half). He just started sharing his written work in December (2019).  He’s becoming more serious about it as he discovers he has more to say. Maybe one day, he’ll put it in a book. 

You can follow his work on Instagram: @Awokenwords

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