You’d Come Over, Right?

You’d Come Over, Right?, by Christian Marquez

If one night
I was sitting in my bedroom by my lonesome
Illuminated only by the glare of the moonlight
With the weight of the world rested on my shoulders
Squeezing tears out through the cracks of my eyelids
You’d come over, right?

You’d rest your head between my chest and make melodies of my heartbeats as the moon gives in to the sunrise
The clouds swallowing her whole and as the rain pours down today turns into yesterday There, I am under the pavilion thinking to myself
You’d come over, right?

If my heart was in my hands and my soul bled through my chest
You’d come over right?
To stitch me up and make me whole again? Because if I’m going to be honest with you I can’t keep filling my cracks with gold because I’ll just be looked at as an object not a treasure
Thieves will only try to take the valuable pieces that remain and leave me broken
I don’t have enough left of me to keep hoping
And all I ever do now is lie awake dreaming of feeling your warmth again
Knitting our fingers through each other hands
And with one blink it all disappears
You’d come over, right?

If I called you late at night with no words on my lips
The sound of dread in my breath waiting for your voice to pull me back down to earth
I’ve never needed anyone
Not before love anyway
But now after heartbreak and heartache and headaches and long days
My exhaustion became my existence
I reminisce on a past that only brought blades to my skin
I dream of a future that is out of reach yet I would rather tear myself limb from limb and build a bridge from my bones to get to you because in my mind I know that if I did that
You’d come over… right?

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Christian Marquez
Christian Marquez

Hello, it’s Christian! I’m originally from Long Island, NY but I currently live in Boca Raton, FL. I write poetry as a side hobby, along with my other hobby, acting (I’m a Theatre major at FAU). 

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