Home, written by Rachita Praharaj


I'm nothing
but those tiny shreds
of hope
that I once had lost!
my senses
in your soul
And I found my peace.
The emotions settles within
your smile,
A silhouette touch,
craving for your dark,
Your beats are my home.
Rachita Praharaj

I’m Rachita Praharaj, I belong to Odisha, India. I’m a student of Commerce and I’m 17.

Other than Writing I love to dance and read, I read a lot of web novels and poetry.

To me, writing is an escape, from this chaotic world to a place of my own, a place where my chaos finds peace.
One day surely I would want to publish my poetry book, but not working in that yet.

My Instagram account is @the_closet_lines, I post all my words there!

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One thought on “Home

  1. A Massive thank you! That’s all I can say… I’m so overwhelmed at the moment… Thank you for featuring my work, it Means the world to me.🖤
    This is like a dream come true… Thank you to the team!🙏


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