Final Road Trip

Final Road Trip, written by Lina Heller

Final Road

maybe one day
you’ll get in your car
and never come back
as this road finally takes you
where you were supposed to be all along
maybe one day
you’ll get in your car
all alone, but never lonely
you’ll turn on the ignition and start driving
without hesitation
with no destination and no restriction
just you and your car
maybe you’ll make friends along the way
maybe you’ll pick up some hitchhikers
and who knows, maybe you’ll even find love in some stranger’s eyes
but even if you’ll just stay on your own
you will wake up one morning
somewhere you’ve never been before
where no one knows your name
and you’ll feel free
like you never have before
you’ll find beauty in not belonging anywhere
you’ll find happiness inside yourself again
you’ll be that person, that you love so much
but said goodbye to so many days and nights ago
along the road you will find yourself again
hidden somewhere between bushes and stones
between the eyes of strangers and small villages
you will find yourself
standing in front of a dirty restroom mirror
looking at a completely new person
wild and free
smiling despite the knots in her hair
smiling, no matter what
one day
you’ll get in your car, and never look back

Flood, by Lina Heller


I can go days
without thinking of you
but then, out of nowhere
my mind gets flooded with all these memories and pictures of you
and no matter how high and how strong I build my walls
eventually they’ll always cave

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Lina Heller
Lina Heller

I’m 20 years old and from Germany.
Currently, I’m studying literature, art & media at university.

I’m music addicted, happy when it rains and I love photography.

Writing has always been my way of talking without having to open my mouth. It is my way of coping with reality; I guess. I hope, that someday I’ll get to publish my own¬†poetry book. But until then I’ll fill page after page of my grey notebook.

My Instagram handle is: @writingsbylina

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