An Unconventional Date

An Unconventional Date, a poem by Tejashri Pathak

An Unconventional Date

One fine evening they both met
Strangers to each other

She was a delicious blend
Of sultry hot and dark
With an unforgettable taste

The moment poet’s lips
Tasted her for the first time
A creativity residing within
Started oozing out smoothly

Towards the end of their date
Poet felt an instant burst of energy
An exquisite parting gift from her

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Tejashri Pathak
Tejashri Pathak

Tejashri Pathak an electronics engineer by day and an accidently turned poet. Her journey to walk on the route started by scribbling some words in her journal.

She belongs to a small town from Maharashtra state in India.She always enjoyed the company of books. She has completed her Masters in Engineering and worked as an assistant professor in an engineering college.

While writing the research papers and her project thesis she realised she could do something with words but it took her 3 years to actually start creating poetry. She loves to convey raw emotions through poetry.

Currently, she is planning to publish a book of her poems and her future plans include writing a fiction novel. She has an Instagram account where she shares her creations: @soul_lost_in_poetry_

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