Hope, a poem by Maheen Fatima


I stand there,
My back against the wall.
My eyes searching for a miracle
that would prevent me from falling.

Broken several times,
Yet I search for hope.
Maybe there’s a light to this darkness.
A torch in this lightless room.
I wonder, where’s my destiny?
I ponder, where’s the way out?

Clueless I stroll,
A fake smile on my face.
Is this world a problem
Or am I unsolved?
My endless questions will begin,
Hoping for someone who’d be answering them.

As loud as I’ll yell
I know the more I’ll be unwell.
Totally scattered, I’ll begin
To question my existence again.

I tried to change anew
Their typical thinking way.
My result would be despair, I knew.
My attempt went astray.
Clueless I stroll,
A fake smile on my face.
Is this world a problem
Or am I unsolved?

Seems like I’m living in a place where being a girl is a crime.
Ignored as a helmet, dismissed as a toy.
They say they love me,
But I don’t believe.

My interests, my goals, remain unvalued.
I’m convinced to leave.
Every ladder, I said I climbed for you.
You said, “Nope, not for me, it isn’t true.”
You really don’t trust in what I do to have you.

Enough! Now I can’t really satisfy you.
Clueless I strolled,
Wearing a fake smile.
Now I realize,
The problem’s neither the world nor me,
Those are just the people messing around.

Ones that should be left to be chased by my hound.
I will start to let all of it go.
Because I just can’t hold this mess anymore.

Now I pledge, I pledge that each time I’ll break.
I’ll come out stronger and for no one’s sake.
I will prove who I am.
Because I know, I can be no less than my own champ!

Maheen Fatima

I am a 14-year-old poet and a blogger from Karachi, Pakistan. Since I am 14, I am a regular student in a middle school in my city and I do not have any job.

Writing is the only thing I am interested in and that is my hobby. I try to write as well as possible, and try to create the best pieces of writing. I am not really writing a book, but I look forward to writing a fictional novel, later when I’m almost finished with my studies.

You can follow her work on Instagram: @maheen.writes

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. For more information, see my disclosures here. 

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