She by Chrystal Wanstall

She, a poem by Chrystal Wanstall

‘She should not come,’
They whispered meekly.
‘She’ll not be welcomed,’
They smiled sweetly.

A gift unwanted from the start,
Cursed and tainted,
She claimed her mother’s heart.

‘She’ll have no identity,’
They forewarned.
‘She’ll not belong here,’
They deplored.

‘Let it be and see,’
Her mother said with care,
‘She who will be, will be.’

‘She’ll be lacking.
She’ll be unloved.
She’ll be…
She’ll be… alone.’

They went on and on until morn’s first light,
And with her final breath,
Her mother rose up with all her might.

‘She will come.’
Her voice rumbled.
‘She’ll not be defined by your labels.’
The earth trembled.

‘She’ll break free from the sins of her forefathers.’
They all fell silent.
‘She’ll raise your children as her own.’
They bowed their heads in that final moment.

She had become She,
And She would be loved.
For the cycle will go on and on.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Chrystal Wanstall
Chrystal Wanstall

Chrystal Wanstall lives in the beautiful county of Yorkshire UK where she is working on her debut poetry collection, The Colours of You and Me. A book of love dedicated to the love she is yet to meet.

When she’s not weaving dreams, she is working on healing others, studying Reiki and using her natural gifts and wisdom to help those that cross her path by happy coincidence.
I can be found on Instagram @c.s.wanstall

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