Blood Oranges

Blood Oranges, by Melaney Lara

Blood Oranges

I met a man
Amongst orange trees
And rain dripping down leaves onto my tongue
He filled me fast with love and excitement
Overflowing cups of tea, coffee, kisses
Oh, how I miss your arms wrapped around me in winter time.
What are holidays without you
Can I escape with you once more
Start all over and bleed into my soul
Cut deep and let crimson love seep into one another
I met a man
Amongst orange trees
And tears running down my face onto my hands
I’d give anything to feel brand new
With you

Melaney Lara

My name is Melaney and I’m from the wild city of San Bernardino, CA. I’m 26 years old and I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember.

My hobbies consist of writing, drinking coffee, experimenting with makeup, cuddling my kids, and exploring YouTube.

My main focus for writing is love, heartbreak, and the strength it takes to be a hopeless romantic. I hope to one day put all my writing in a book, but until then I’ll just record my words in my journals.

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