Deceiving Apology

Deceiving Apology, by Haadia Zainab

Deceiving Apology

An apology to myself
rattling out of the chained gates I have for lips
feels like the sky at dusk
a gradient of lilac and crimson
with stars strewn
you could count them on your fingers
mumbling a half hearted apology
with a but a tinge of guilt
to a drought-stricken city
in shambles.

Paper and Poetry

Paper and Poetry, by Haadia Zainab

My mother stacked up
a house of cards
and believed it was one of bricks.
Trusting it to remain unfazed
in the face of a storm.
She was wrong.

Spewing out haikus
as gentle as drizzles
and fierce as wildfires.
Convincing ourselves
we’re blood and bones
when we’re but paper and poetry.

Haadia Zainab

My name is Haadia but I write under the pseudonym Faye. I’ve been writing for a few years now but it was only until this year that I decided to showcase my work. I was either too ashamed of it or too afraid that my vulnerability would surface.

I’m currently in 11th grade and sometimes balancing your work and your passion is a tedious task. But art calls the heart and the heart can never say no. My other interests include Art Journaling and reading.

You can follow her work on Instagram: @welp.poetry

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