Vivid Expressions

Vivid Expressions by Melissa Coffman

We entwine making
animalistic art

you painting my
body in bruises
I caterwaul the
score with intensity

a fervid, rhythmic
magnum opus


Light Me Up and Forge My Rapturous Blaze, by Melissa Coffman

I close my eyes to the whisper of
your pleading breath upon my neck
my hair cascading around your lips
those fingers grasping a handful
I’ve been lit

I glow as you shape me like hot glass
heating my vessel and bending me at will
your tongue steams where you trace it
my burning form covered in your musk you
suffuse me with

an anointing of my fiery flesh you mold
into perfection with those fingertips of
a master whose work is desired by many
this scorching figure flares in your hands
a supreme blaze.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Melissa Coffman
Melissa Coffman

I live in Portland, Oregon and write confessional poetry, poetry about my various experiences in life. 

I’ve been published in several anthologies and an award-winning newspaper.

Writing confessional poetry is a cathartic release for me. I touch on many different themes, such as love, heartbreak, sensual happenings, mental health and life in general.

Follow me on Instagram @melissa.a.coffman

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