This is War

This is War, by Laura-Marie Reiners

Mourning shadows rise
from the depths of the ocean.
if darkness had a taste, it would
resemble humankind:
bittersweet bones from the battles we have endured
lie at the bottom of hope
where we have been fighting,
where we have been drowning.

welcome, war.

Favourite Flower, by Laura-Marie Reiners

Tell me I’m like your favourite flower:
a beautiful mix of hues sparkling
in the sunlight, your smile is made of.

my soft petals long for springtime rays.
luckily, your eyes are filled with warmth,
letting me sunbathe in winter.

roots stand strong in this nourishing
soil you planted me in –
enough to withstand every storm.

I don’t grow thorns anymore.
but when I do, you pull them out,
leaving me pure

and safe.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Laura-Marie Reiners
Laura-Marie Reiners

My name is Laura-Marie Reiners and I’m a 20-year-old writer based in Germany. Writing plays a huge part in my daily life, not only because I’m a journalism student. Poetry allows me to cope with my emotions in a healthy and creative way.
My writing process itself is quite chaotic. Most of the time, I come up with a great line but can’t seem to build a good poem around it, so I just leave it somewhere in a Word document and revisit it later. As a result, my documents are full of random sentences and thoughts, though I’ll always find a way to connect them and write from my heart.
Apart from writing, I enjoy doing yoga and drinking (a lot of) coffee.
I’m sharing my poems and feelings with the world of Instagram, but I’m also working on my first poetry book.
You can find me on Instagram @lau_ra.marie.

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