Listen by Alicia Green

I’m drowning out their words
to find my own,
learning the significance of
a softer sound,
the quiet persistence to be heard
growing loud,
clearing the way with confidence —
what I have to say

Don’t give me a place in the crowd.
I am not one of many,
fawning at the feet of a moment’s glory.
I can’t be simplified — I am the full distillation of myself and
I will speak my mind.

You should listen sometime.

Find Me, by Alicia Green

I’m lost in my head;
in mazes of self-doubt,
dead ends,
turned around,
slowly spinning circles of thoughts
back to the beginning —
I’m lost in my head.
In the s p a c e s of words held close
in fear they hit home.
In the double checking
and second guessing
and reevaluating
of me —
work in progress until further notice.
In the paradoxical need
to push you away to bring you close.
In the dissection of our every conversation
playing overandoverandover
so I don’t miss a thing,
so I know what we mean.

I’m lost in my head,
but you always know where to find me.

Alicia N Green

Alicia N Green is a published poet and writer. Her poetry appears in ebooks “Inflection” by the Eclectic Performing Arts Company and “Redemption” by Malcolm Turner, and Anna Kardos’ 2018 Bridal Guide, and on websites and social media accounts around the world.

Alicia created her first ebook, “Of Loss and Love,” in 2019, and plans to self-publish her new collection, “Love and Consequences,” in 2020. She regularly finds writing inspiration while hiking the Rocky Mountains in her home state of Colorado.

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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