Oh Dear Soul of Mine

Oh Dear Soul of Mine by Savvy Walia

I was waiting in a ship
Sailed away in your broken time
Carelessly deemed
Another way, another rhyme
Waiting for your dying pieces
To be filled with mine

But I can’t stay longer
This has to know an end of me
The soul are you, you stand
My ash would murmur in the sand
As another voice in this magical land

Singing the sound of my dreams
The mystery takes a blend
My truth was buried down
In your deeper end
A stance I could take
And none could understand

Stirring in the lights
Under the golden sheen
Airing down the brights
Of what I am and what I’ve been
All of that I exist
Is just a memory never seen

So let us sip it right
As this moment blends
Through the whispers of a night
Flowing in the starry trend
All we have is now
Whirling to a bend
As I don’t know my start
And you may have no end…

Savvy Walia

I am Savvy Walia, pursuing computer science and engineering in India. I’m 21 years old and started writing two years ago on accidentally discovering a poetry application where after reading some poems I ended up writing the first one of my own titled “The Magic inside”  and fell deeply in love with the beauty of weaving feelings, emotions and imaginations into words.

Writing freed me from myself into something beautiful. It helps me express my soul and reflecting thoughts in the truest and most magical form. My goals for writing are to express my thoughts and deepest imaginations and help uplift others to grow and bloom to a better version of themselves by reading and experiencing it all through words.

Besides writing I also do photography and create music sometimes. Being a web developer I’m building two websites, one of my own and the other carrying a unique idea for the writing community.

I’m writing two books. One is a poetry book titled “A Silent Glow” and the other is a novel “The Heir of Flames”.

Instagram @sipping_breeze

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