Existential Crisis

Existential Crisis by Ann Lorraine Gabi

Existential Crisis

Blurred vision and careless
No mission, relentless
Numb heart felt imprisoned
All parts felt conditioned

Lost at sea, lost on earth
What I’ll be, unknown birth
Help myself, help you too
Don’t know what I will do

Even now, I wonder
Why I feel and ponder
Future now is unknown
I’ll be here on my phone

Ann Lorraine Gabi

I’m originally from the Philippines and traveled to Canada as an immigrant when I was 9 years old. 
I like to watch all types of shows from true crime to Korean dramas on Netflix.

I listen to many audio books during my free time and on the go if I’m doing other things at the same time. I’m an HSE consultant by day, I just graduated on May 2019.

I write poetry and use it as my creative outlet. It’s never planned, I always write when I feel inspired either by a really happy or a really sad emotion. I plan to publish my own poetry book someday and post a lot of my poetry on Instagram. People can follow me @turtl3ann 

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