I Grieved

I Grieved, poetry by Christina Reed

I grieved silently
Not between bed sheets
But at parties
In loud places

Poetry by Christina Reed

Of all the things
I’ve had to love and let go
You are
By far
The greatest

Poetry by Christina Reed

I don’t think
I fully understood death
Till it happened
Inside of me

Christina Reed

Speech-language therapist by day and poet by night, Christina Reed spends most days working with children to help increase their speech and language skills. Inspired by her fertility struggles and early pregnancy losses, Christina reaches an audience of women who are also grieving via her Instagram @notpregnantpoetry. Christina’s poetry is raw, in your face, and crisp.

Following the unexpected adoption of her son, Christina is working towards writing a book of poetry entitled “Not Pregnant Poetry.” The collection is illustrated by her wife, and together they have mourned their losses by collaborating on this upcoming project.

Christina is encouraged to continue writing in order to reach as many women as possible who are struggling to conceive, childless, or suffering loss.

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