Mysterious Planet

Mysterious Planet by Ambrose Gibbs

The time of mind to find blind for thought to fall out of the mind
in all for love to stand tall for the moment of a bright night to love
with light to see what’s right in the mist of the night.

The evidence of the nature of love the residence is home
for love to fall above the rising of the sun to become one with the skies
of fun for a ton of prosperity to believe in the moment
to be lost inside to hide to be found solid as the ground as tough as it sounds
to fight to live to be bound to shut down lethal evil that comes in many shapes or
forms to escape the warmth of time in the mind for peace is the least to find
in hard times for the cries of goodbyes the lies in time despise the skies
for life to live to stay positive for god to forgive, the magic of life for the tragic night,
for the havoc in life for the mission for a proposition to stand tall in all
beyond the falls of the river of dreams for what life mean to be deemed for many memories of screams, life is organic never to panic not to take life for granted
on this mysterious planet.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Ambrose Gibbs
Ambrose Gibbs

My name is Ambrose Gibbs. I was born in Detroit, Michigan on December 12, 1975. I graduated from high school in 1995 and started acting a year later. I then went to Specs Howard School of broadcast arts, where I wrote my first movie script. Later, I attended Madonna University where I continued my education for television communications and journalism and theater arts.

In April 2005 I moved to Los Angeles, CA, where I have had some small roles in television shows but my main concentration was writing for movie scripts for movies. I also worked as a stand-up comedian and wrote jokes for shows.

I started doing poetry because I was writing monologues and found this feeling to want to write how I’m feeling in another form of words. I like how poetry helps us describes feelings and take emotions to another world as literature.

I’m sick with Crohn’s disease, and writing poetry was therapeutic for me. Writing poems gives me peace. I just finished my book entitled The Benevolent Skies.

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