Sometimes by Karen Bradley

Sometimes, I would like to
immerse myself
in a starless sea.
Slowly sink to the
as my veins echo with a
jackhammer pulse
and lungs scream for

Sometimes, I am too
tired of being me.
Smile at the ready,
kind words on my lips,
always ready to
Sometimes, I would like
the silence to envelop me.
Wrap me in its calm.
Ease my mind of anxiety
and let me be me.

Karen Bradley

Karen Bradley is a published poet. She can be found on Facebook and Instagram

She has been published in Train River Poetry Winter 2019 and Spring 2020 anthology;; Poet Speak Magazine Issues #27 & #28; Instagram Poets You’ll Want to Follow Spring 2020; Mind – A Mental Health Poetry Anthology Spring 2020. 

She lives in Texas with her husband, three dogs, five donkeys, four horses and two cats.

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