Fallen Warrior of Light

Fallen Warrior of Light by Deevesh Ramphul

Your hands in mine, you taught me how to get back from a fall, and walked me all the way through life’s hall. From riding my bike to feeding me whenever my fever was running high, sleeping next to me during the lonely nights and pulling me in for a hug when things went bad.

There they are sealed now, my childhood memories, within those arms of yours resting by your side. Could I ever get over this sight? Pillars, the pillars to my glowing soul, that’s who you have been, my luminescence, my firefly.

A wallflower hidden beneath the cracks, observing everything and bringing back the tact, you who knew everything and orchestrated my ascent. How will life be without you by my side?

I already feel the hot tears in my bloodshot eyes as I recall the night before when you told me it’ll all be fine. So hey, my shooting star, I will look up to you each night, smile back at me and shower me with some of your might.

Hey my lifeguard, drive away the darkness I’ve been so used to and bring me back to light, make me get the taste of what it feels like to be shining bright. I will miss your grudges just as much as your smiles. I will miss you not being there to tell me what’s right.

Hey hot tears, capture her face one last time as I bid her goodbye. This is not farewell though, you won’t be getting rid of me so quick. I will talk to you every night, as the wind blows by, as stars and moon shine, by each passing moment, I promise to cherish your existence and live up to it, to the name you gave me, to the love you bestowed upon me, to the faith you planted in me, to who you made me.

Trust me, I will never let you fade, in these memories of mine you shall always reside, tales of a warrior who fought hell to make me smile.

Hey angel, I wish heaven is your resting place and you’re free from all agonies and torments, I wish you peace and calmness. I wish you rainbows and fields of roses, I wish you sun rays and blue skies, I wish you low soothing tides, waves that will take you home, I wish you eternity and hope that you’ll stick by me.

Mother, you are me.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="https://evepoetry.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/98b39-img_20180701_205233_241.jpg&quot; alt="<strong>Deevesh Ramphul
Deevesh Ramphul

I am Deevesh Ramphul, a student from Mauritius.

Writing is not just the scribbling down of random words, it’s the process of giving shape to feelings.

Instagram: @realms_of_melancholia

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