Wistful Regret

Wistful Regret by Caleb Blanchard

Light screams bright rays through my pupils.
Bars mixed to an intense temperature open in front of me, leading through halls of red hot lava.
While the absence of darkness deafens.
Heat shivers away, and I’m not scared.
Even while the ground sweeps, and god kicks my legs from contentment.
Falling, Into what I think is damnation.

But wait-
There’s no fire, no sorrow; just me and the wind.
I hold my eyelids ferociously, air rushing so fast as to strike the tears out of reach.
Sight returning as I’m bestowed beautiful memories of you.
Wanting to hold on as long as possible yet I’m descending towards a visible surface.
My body tenses up for impact.
As I glance back, the sky fades along with you.
This view so real, realer than when I trace my finger across your gentle hand..

Accepting the state our universe made.
Accepting the true damnation of life.
Of love.
Of you.
The bones underneath my skin get smashed with newtons of force, grounded to minerals that wisp away with its long awaited gust of wind.
And even through death, the only pain I felt was falling faster than my wave goodbye.
To everything.
Feeling chances rain that couldn’t be brushed, touched, or comforted.

I’m sorry I love you.

Winter’s Grasp by Caleb Blanchard

Winter fogging resonates with the cold.
My breath steadied from your touch.
Fingers never stale at numbness.
For your warmth helps me clutch and never let go of what I’m told.
“Hun you mean so much, even when you’re the biggest dumb dumb.”
It’s like there’s nothing but us.
Heating from a single caress.
As a gentle and careless genius with sparkles in each eye.
I can’t look away.
You’re so damn handsome, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Gabe, you say my hand’s always chilled;
It’s from my long due absence of emotion.
Given in lessened breathing as I wasn’t concerned to live, I never knew at the present.
Never felt devotion towards all I care about until you came along.
I was always so content with the cold-
Either because it draws us closer, or helps realize how much love we take for granted.
It’s just.. I’m enchanted.
Where it makes me happy!
Where I can’t ever stop smiling.
Where I’ve never been so relaxed, where I’ve never been so close to you.

You’ve got me at your knees but insist on mercy.

Why not give it up once.
Give upon your hands to mine and spread it’s forgiving heat, melt my hands as you do my heart.
With tears, you’ve brushed away.
With chills, you’ve struck away.
Leaving me desolate of thought as my body retracts your prowess.
Lifting me up to be breathless. From then on I give you mercy.
But right now, neither of us need that.
We need each other’s warmth within the season.

Why are you still reading baby, I’m cold.
I’m weak.
Weak and desperate for your warmth.

Caleb Blanchard

I’m Caleb Blanchard; a 15-year-old boy who doesn’t use writing to cope, but instead for fun. Being born in Minnesota, living in North Carolina for a great deal of my life. I’ve moved 12 times by now, not losing anyone, gaining more families. 

I love reading and finding ideas for writing short stories and poetry within books of all genres’. Mainly consisting of Historical Fiction or Fantasy- am an avid dreamer, though it’s hard to sleep often. Sitting with most of my time used on questions for our Reality, Society, (occasionally) Economy, and seeking to know knowledge of a wide variety of Religions. I really feed off of social interaction! 

Lately I’ve been a little out of literature, even then it’s been a slow process getting back into arts in general. A lot of what I write isn’t understood easily at first, but the cycle I use when doing it is basic. Unlike prompts or one word ideas, they can be anywhere. Random. 2 things. Then I write. A theme and a focused state. I put my mind on a blank plane where the only thing that exists is what I’m about to write, and whatever that is, nothing else matters within its frame. It may be 2 minutes or 2 hours.

You can find me on Instagram @blonde_offical

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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