Soft Wreckage

Soft Wreckage, written by Alivia Banecker

Coming in strong with senses neglected, blearily wandering with shadows that took her by the hand and overpowered her mind. She wanted to know-what did it feel like to be sunshine rather than sadness? To live life rather than chasing something reckless? Bring light to those skylines and lose herself in transparency with the cityscapes and streetlights; she’s one of the full-minded ones, she had a heart filled full of contentment, but carried chaos everywhere she went, and she knows what she wants, but she doesn’t know how to shake the film strip in her head to prevent it from skipping on repeat again. She is beauty wrapped in intensity. Only ever knowing thickness by its first name, never allowing herself to be spread thin by the intention of something different.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Alivia Banecker
Alivia Banecker

Somewhere in a corner reading, in another playing piano. Often I write poetry, often I play, and sometimes that becomes something together and you either get a poem or a song. I’m 21.

In the works of writing my self publishing poetry book, FRAGMENTS OF ME. Writing was a creative outlet as I can see me having it as my future. I hope you take these fragments and let them piece you together the way they pieced me back to myself.

Instagram: @livvywritespoetry

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