Mommy Too

Mommy Too, penned by Terra Vagus

I try constantly, not to have anger toward you.
the way you cast me aside.
Loved me less.
Ignored my cries for help.

You’d say “Buck up, life is just like this.”.
when I begged you to take a stand against the constant drinking,
You simply pointed at my self inflicted wounds and said
“We all have our vices.”.

To this day my heart breaks
when I let myself recall
the way I pleaded for a figure
with no maternal instincts at all.

Make me believe that you love me
only when I have something to offer.

Mommy I can’t take this any longer.

You live your life with the selfish belief
that I owe you my everything
because you created me.

You’ve also been my destroyer.

All my life I’ve lived in envy
of those with mothers whom they can call close.

Now I’ve always got something to prove.
Can’t accept I haven’t much to lose.

Mommy can’t you love me the way you love yourself?
This constant heartache is my living hell.

Mommy why?
Why is everything always about you?
Don’t you know I have a soul too?

Now I’m afraid
To be a mommy too.
What if the best love I can manage
Is a love like you?

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Terra Vagus
Terra Vagus

Terra Vagus is an introverted 20-something who resides in the Pacific Northwest.

When they aren’t writing, they either have their nose in a book or they are out scouring abandoned and creepy places for anything paranormal. Terra Vagus is a lover of animals, literature, ghosts and the Earth.

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