Cafe Amore


u up? (7)
A classic opener, devoid of taste. Lasts a minute or so. Purple socks.

Taking it slow, just got out of a long-term (9)
He’ll call you Amy when he cums and you won’t hear from him again.


Glee (22)
How I love an adolescent romcom, my Justin Bieber haircut, drunk hikers catching us shirtless in the crusty backseat of your mom’s minivan. I, a manic dream. Sweet nineteen. You kiss me like old movies, you don’t ask permission, I am a cutout. Marilyn Monroe. Burritos over the years, how you slowly stop paying.

Maybe. Maybe (17.5)
Every fall, let’s go to our booth in the Chinese restaurant and pull our guts out through our mouths. I’ll trade you mine for yours and a bottle of Coke. I’ll trade you mine for nothing, actually, what am I saying. Take it, please. I have no use for this organ anymore, no use for soft tissue associated with courage and autonomy, Jesus- I look like the kinda kid who knows what autonomy is? I have my therapist look over my weekly grocery list. Am I eating enough protein, you think, or- yeah, I’ll scrap all the Ben and Jerry’s, good call. Getting a lil pudgy. You think I’ll be thin enough if I take all these innards out? I’ll trade you. Think I need more heart. Mine’s deficient. You got one you ain’t using?

First love (25)
No screaming allowed in this Footloose town. A ghost you are, a ghost in two small meals a day. We are not permitted more. Your parents, my parents- I’m sorry I never forgave you to your face. I’ve harbored all this hatred. It’s been four years. You were protecting me.… Read More Cafe Amore