Our Last Dance

Our Last Dance by Victoria Raine

There’s a heaviness in the air
the world’s uncertainty
is tangible
as the fear
hangs menacingly
all around us

O God
what have we done

Ominous and hovering
like a snake
ready to strike it’s prey
You can feel the noose
tightening around the neck
Suffocating the entire globe

We look into the eyes
of everyone we see
and it aches
inside to know
they are as good
as dead already

Who would have thought
we all would suddenly become
one conscience
deeply connected
over a common invisible enemy

The mortal enemy
that someone unleashed
into the world
to wreak havoc
and cause harm
to all who’s path
it will cross

Forgive them
for they know
not what they do

Hard to even imagine
that someone
many someone’s
created this
for the soul purpose
of suffering devastation and destruction
with one goal in mind

Are we without
hope of salvation

Who could have been
so filled with insurmountable hate
What did they gain in return
a mere penance
30 pieces of silver
Was it for a promise
of grandeur in the afterlife

Who could have done
this terrible injustice to us all
What could have
persuaded someone
many someone’s
this devious plan
would be the right thing
to let this demon
out of it’s cage
to seek and destroy
human life
entering our orifices
feeding on the inside of our flesh
shredding us apart
from the inside out

Who will save our soul

Is it too late for us
How have we been so blind
They kept us divided
They kept us in the dark

And now we live
in a global horror story
each moment of the day

O God let us all
take a deep breath
and pray

We wake
and feel the gravity
of earth’s demise
We fall asleep with trepidation
and sorrowful hearts
wondering if tomorrow
we wake to find
the curse of death
has been delivered
to our doorstep

If these are
our last moments
fill them with
care compassion kindness
and most of all love
as much love
as we can possibly
receive and give

Don’t waste this precious time
Consumed in fear
filled with anger and despair

Now is the time
above all
globally collectively
together as one
we can give love
one more chance

And let us not
forget how to dance
Let your records play
And dance in your living room
Dance in the rain
Sing in praise and worship
Give thanks
for all things great and small

And begin to see now
the small things
We’re really the big things that
mattered the most of all

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="https://evepoetry.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/bb5bc-victoria.png&quot; alt="<strong>Victoria Raine
Victoria Raine

Victoria Raine has been writing poetry since she was a teenage girl. After a poetry writing assignment in 9th grade, her English teacher Ms. Garnet asked to see her after class, and requested she brings in anything else she had written, after reviewing her work she encouraged Victoria to continue writing. Since then, Victoria Raine has filled countless notebooks and only recently decided to publish her work. 

Blood on Paper is the first book published in 2014. Victoria Raine is an Art Curator for 35th Street Gallery in Norfolk Virginia and Art Curator for Coastal Virginia Arts.Coastal Virginia Arts is dedicated to helping artists, charities and the local art community. Showcasing artist and photographers throughout all of Virginia. Offering our artwork to the world.  Artists affiliated with Coastal Virginia Arts support local charities by offering a percentage of profits to charities through giclee/print sales.

Victoria Raine is the owner of Kairos Cards in Virginia Beach, Virginia specializing in cards with heartfelt messages capturing your treasured moments with poetic prose and specialized artwork for each collection. Her cards will begin featuring upcoming artist for new collections in 2017.  

Victoria resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia where she enjoys her gardens and her dogs Samson, Gypsy and Sophie, and her cat Sasha. Her son lives on the west coast who is a musician and writer.

Victoria is currently editing her 2nd book Unrequited due out Summer 2017.


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